Research Interests:

Optimisation theory and analysis of electromechanical system design
(Bessel, Finite elements, Cayley-Hamilton, Evolutionary & genetic algorithm, Random, Line, Pattern and Tabu search, Swarm, simulated Annealing, Ant colony, Hybrid Optimization.)

System theory (Modelling and simulation) and Control systems in industrial automation
(PID, Vector control, Riccati, Volterra, Neuro-fuzzy control, sliding mode control, sensor-less DTC, PLC, PIC controllers.)

Dynamic stability of multi-parameters systems
(Small & large signals, Eigenvalue, D-decomposition, Torque components and coefficients, Lyapunov, Holonomic variables, Engineering computations.)


Renewable Energy in rural areas

(Hybrid solar fuel cells, wind, Diesel, Micro-hydro and biomass)

Research cluster on embedded software Engineering, Soft Computing, Graphic Design and Spline
(data fitting, curvature, surface functions, ...)